Business Analyst


Business Analyst

  • Requirement No:
  • Date:21-12-2020
  • Job Title:Business Analyst
  • Location:Mumbai

Experience – 4 Plus years

Location – Mumbai


As a business analyst, you’ll work within an organisation, helping to manage change and plan for the future in line with company goals. You’ll need to understand the current organisational situation, identify future needs and create solutions to help meet those needs, usually (but not always) in relation to information and software systems.. 



  • Work with business team to elicit high-level requirements and capture business needs 
  • Make sure proper SDLC process should be followed 
  • Involve with all pjases of development (Analysis, Design, Testing, Deployment) 
  • Clearly articulates and documents business requirements  
  • Prepare and review BRDs/FSDs & architecture diagrams and coordinate with Develpoment team to make them understand the requirements and business demands 
  • Facillitate / Arbitrate where requirement gathering becomes complex or contraversial  
  • Escalate any project related issues or potential impediments to a Project’s schedule or deliverable 
  • Responsible for explaining the business requirements to software development and testing team incase of enhacement and modifications in projects 
  • Track deliverables 
  • Make sure project should be completed within timeline 
  • Track Change Requests 
  • Monitor and report on project progress 
  • Coordinate project delivery by participating in design reviews and walk-throughs to communicate systems designs and validate proposed solutions  
  • Participate in Audits and prepare audit related documents like SOPs, ACL etc. 
  • Track of Infra requirements for new projects  
  • Fullfill ISTF requirments   
  • Track Exchange Related requirements, prepare Products Writeup Documents and keeps track on system audit requirments   
  • Implement and manage change when necessary to meet project outputs 
  • Coordinate with other teams/departments like Back Office, Trade Tiger,  Mobile Team withing the organaizations to ensure  the technical gaps should be filled. 


  • Familiarity with general business functions 
  • Manages ongoing relationship with business partner to drive satisfaction with IT 
  • Engages with knowledge workers to incorporate usability and user interface needs when designing systems 
  • Evaluate and assess result of project 

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