MQ Admin


MQ Admin

  • Requirement No:COB_IMS_003
  • Date:12-02-2021
  • Job Title:MQ Admin
  • Location:Coimbatore
  • Min 6 -years of experience as MQ Series Administrator. Proficient in MQ Series features for 8.X and above
  • Knowledge of various Broker & MQ objects such as Queues, Channels, Clustered Queues, etc.
  • Vast knowledge on MQ Clustering, PUB/SUB, Exits, API, and Client access architectures
  • Familiar with both AIX and Red Hat Linux (6 & above)
  • In-depth knowledge of Oracle RDMBS upgrade process
  • Knowledge of LINUX & AIX Operating Systems including storage / network infrastructure
  • Collaborate with internal customers/leading MQ Series standup/migration projects for internal organizations and handling MQ/Custom client installations
  • Installation of MQ with HA and Clustering using SAN/NAS/NFS storages with load balancing concept

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