MS Support Analyst


MS Support Analyst

  • Requirement No:COB_PSG_018
  • Date:12-02-2021
  • Job Title:MS Support Analyst
  • Location:Coimbatore

• 5 years of relevant experience on production application support capacity
• Working experience on Oracle and/or MySQL database, PL/SQL, and basic SQL
• Working knowledge on various tools such as SOAP/REST APIs, AWR, explain plan, etc.
• Working knowledge on Unix, Windows, Java, NodeJS, Tomcat, Application Server troubleshooting is an added value
• Working knowledge on Qlikview/data mining/analysis is an added value
• Experience on payment, loyalty and retail business operations is an added value
• Strong experience on problem-solving
• Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills
• Good decision-making and assertive
• Highly collaborative and good team player
• Highly resourceful/creative, proactive and self-learner
• Ability to work in a fast-paced high-pressure environment
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Good listening ability and patience

Key Responsibilities:
• Provide periodic 24/7 on-call support as needed
• Act as customer main contact person from issue entry point to closure
• Respond and manage customer expectations within the agreed service agreement (SLA)
• Collect relevant data, logs and information for troubleshooting
• Replicate issue/scenario in our local environment
• Analyse evidences (i.e. data, logs, etc.) to identify root cause of application issue
• Evaluate the impact of reported issue in application operations, and recommend appropriate solution, i.e. workaround (temporary solution), permanent code fix, and/or change request
• Collaborate with and lead the technical team in analysing and resolving application issue
• Review test plan, test evidences and patch dependencies before release to customer
• Deliver patch to customer, and assist customer in patch deployment and testing in pre-production/UAT environment
• Monitor progress of opened issues and provide regular update/follow up to customer and stakeholders
• Prepare reports such as incident report, root cause analysis report, etc.

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